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The ​First ​Transcontinental ​Multi ​Stage ​MTB ​Adventure ​Race ​/ ​26th ​Edition ​/ ​COSTA ​RICA

#LaRuta2018 ​The ​26th ​anniversary ​of ​La ​Ruta ​has ​3 ​stages ​along ​new ​routes ​and ​trails ​full ​of ​typical ​surprises ​and ​adventure. ​

At ​La ​Ruta, ​the ​journey ​is ​the ​destination. ​It's ​about ​working ​with ​what ​you've ​got, ​giving ​it ​all ​your ​might ​and ​surviving ​the ​adversities ​that ​you ​might ​come ​upon ​along ​the ​way. ​This ​race ​epitomizes ​what ​is ​so ​great ​about ​mountain ​biking.

La ​Ruta ​traverses ​Costa ​Rica ​from ​the ​west ​coast ​on ​the ​Pacific ​to ​the ​east ​coast ​on ​the ​Caribbean.

-34Days -23Hours -35Minutes -35Seconds


Etapa 1 Resultados

La Ruta 2017 – Day 1 Position First Second Third Competitor Josep Betalu Constantino Federico “Lico” Ramírez Moisés Hernández Time 05:29:00 05:45:04 05:47:03 You want to know more results you can consult in this link: Chronotrack results  

Oferta Mecánica 25 Aniversario

Aprovecha nuestra Oferta para el Paquete de Mecánica Specialized durante la carrera de nuestro 25 Aniversario por sólo $ 120. El paquete incluye el servicio profesional de mecánica durante la carrera: – Tres etapas, tres días de servicio – Lubricación y ajustes – Lavado – Transporte a cada bicicleta. Recomendamos la compra del paquete oficial […]

November 2016 – Results
The hardest mountain bike race in the world

Hundreds of mountain bikers will retrace the steps of 16th century Spanish explorers in Costa Rica in a race that begins Thursday. The Ruta de los Conquistadores traverses Costa Rica from the Pacific to the Caribbean through some of the country’s most grueling terrain. Each of the three stages is named after one of the […]

A Case for Suffering: Welcome to La Ruta

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (VN) — We were railing around blind corners on the verge of disaster, brushing against the feathers of ragged chickens, the cusps of crumbling concrete houses and high curbs, and the creaky-wheeled beaters dawdling through the villages near Matina, Costa Rica. We were barreling for home. We had reached the flat, […]

Gear Patrol Presentation

A GEAR PATROL SPECIAL PRESENTATION LA RUTA Anyone who’s been in a race knows that the rush of crossing the finish line is followed almost immediately by the sinking question “What’s next?” The longer the training leading up to the race, the more acute the question. So it wasn’t long after last year’s Road to Ironman […]