1- Is the lodging included in my registration fee?

No, but you can book it thru our Adventure Concierge: Massi Devoto Chen at: Massi@explornatura.com

2- What should I do upon arrival at San Jose’s International Airport?

Please head directly to Jaco Beach. You must book transportation in advance or book it through our Adventure Concierge: Massi Devoto Chen at: Massi@explornatura.com

3- How do I get my bike to the starting line on November 3rd?

You must make sure that your bike is ready to ride on at the starting line at Jacó beach by 5:30 am on November 3rd. This means that you should carry your bike in its box wherever you are spending the night and prepare it prior to the race.

Consignment and Transportation Service (Only $ 100.00) : purchase it it through our Adventure Concierge: Massi Devoto Chen at: Massi@explornatura.com

You can drop off any bike boxes and additional luggage at our LUGGAGE AREA (Opens: November 2nd from 11.00 am to 7:00 pm) which will be located at our flagship venue the Croc’s Casino Resort in Jacó Beach and our team take care and transfer it to San Jose (the Holiday Inn Escazu is our official venue). We will make sure that your bike gets to the starting line every day of the race.

However please remember that you will be responsible to look after your bike, luggage and equipment on the days before and after the race. We only carry CLEAN bikes throughout each race stage.

If you want your bike to be washed, oiled and serviced, the 3-day Specialized Mechanics Package is a great option. Specialized Costa Rica provides the expertise necessary to get your bike and equipment to withstand La Ruta. Spare parts for your bike are not included and must be purchased separately. You can purchase this service through: registration@adventurerace.com.

Alternatively we will provide hose pipes in order for racers to wash down their bikes at each race finish.

4- How can I provide maintenance to my bike during the race?

You can purchase the Specialized Mechanics Package or you could bring in the vital spare parts and make the necessary adjustments yourself. Some former Conquistadores (racer veterans) may give you tips on what to bring for each of the stages. It is always a good idea to keep up a check list of the basic equipment tools (Allen key multi-tool, flathead and Phillips screwdriver, electrical tape, spare tube, oil, tire levers and CO2).

5-When should I arrive at Jaco Beach (the coastal town where the La Ruta begins)?

Es obligatorio estar en playa Jacó específicamente en el hotel oficial Croc´s Casino Resort el 2 de Noviembre para registrarse de 10 am a 6 pm. Además deberá asistir a una de   las Charlas de Bienvenida (horario e idioma por confirmar).Cada competidor deberá hacerse responsable por su bicicleta hasta el final del Día 1, el 3 de Noviembre.

6-What happens on November 2nd (Day 0) at the Croc’s Casino Resort: the official venueof La Ruta in Jaco Beach?

We strongly recommend that you stay the night at Jaco Beach since the race will kick off very early the next day ( 6:00 am). For lodging arrangements contact our Adventure Concierge: Massi Devoto Chen at: Massi@explornatura.com

Once you reach the official La Ruta beach venue: Croc´s Casino Resort, proceed to the Registration Area at the multi-purpose conference rooms where you can:

  1. Register for the race, collect your race number, racer bag and bracelet.
  2. Purchase additional services (transfers, rafting, massage, 3 day Specialized Mechanics Package ) or souvenirs which you may need during the race.
  3. Attend any of the 2 racer meetings (times to be announced) where crucial updated information will be given. Assistance is mandatory for all racers.
7- What should I take for the three days of the race?
  • Please take only what you can fit inside your official La Ruta racer bag (Dimensions: 12” x 14” x 28” / Volume: 4988 cu. in.)

. You will need: a jacket, sunblock lotion, a camelback or similar water bottle capacity, sunglasses, oil for your bike chain, mosquito repellent and anything necessary to pedal a three days of the toughest mountain bike journey on the planet!

The La Ruta organization offers a transportation service for all your extra baggage, bike boxes and other personal gear from the official venue in Jaco Beach: Croc’s Casino Resort to our official city venue: the Holiday Inn Escazu (San Jose). All of this equipment will be stored and there will be no access to this area until after the end of the race.

To purchase this service for $ 100.00 contact: our Adventure Concierge: Massi Devoto Chen at: Massi@explornatura.com

8- What meals are included in my registration fee? What menus will be served?

There are 3 lunches included in your registration fee provided at each race finish.

Our Chef Guillermo Quiros has carefully designed the menus for each day with a variety of delicious fresh ingredients. We´re currently working on the variations on the delicious of the successful meals that we served last year.

Last year´s menus featured:


  • Chef´s Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, , ect) with 2 options for dressings
  • Cold Tuna Pasta Salad
  • White Rice
  • Red Beans
  • Grilled Chicked with Onions
  • Meat with special sauce
  • Homemade hot chili sauce
  • Rice Pudding

Mixed tropical fruit Juice


  • Cesar Salad
  • Mediterranean Salad with dehydrated tomatoes
  • Rice with sweet corn
  • Spring potatoes with rosemary & butter
  • Zucchini in cream sauce
  • Meatballs with tomato and basil sauce
  • Chicken in heart of palm sauce
  • Pudding: Brownies

Cas fruit juice


  • Cabagge & Lemon Salad
  • Pico de gallo: Tomato, Onion & Coriander salsa
  • Marinated Vegetables
  • Rice n Beans
  • Cassava with garlic sauce
  • Breaded Fish filet with tartar sauce
  • Caribbean Jerky Chicken
  • Star Fruit Mousse

Iced Tea & Caribbean Ginger Drink

9- What should I have in my bike at the beginning of each day?

Your bike should be 100% ready for any type of terrain (gravel, mudslides, downhills, steep climbs, slippery surfaces, etc.). You must prepare to make the necessary changes, the night before to secure tires, rims and chains, etc. We offer a 3 day Specialized Mechanics Package, including washing your bike for only $ 150.00. We encourage you to purchase it through:


10-What other items must I have each day for the race?

We strongly recommend:

  1. Camelback ( mandatory)
  2. energy bars, gels, powders etc. that you are used to training with (Aid Stations will mainly provide “real food”: bananas, watermelon, cookies, sandwiches, burritos, cakes)
  3. sunblock
  4. mosquito repellent
  5. raincoat or such for day 2
  6. GPS
  7. any medicines you will require
  8. oil for your chain ( mandatory)
11-What type of climate conditions should I expect for day 1?

It will be very hot and humid, with temperatures up to 37 degrees, perhaps some showers and there will be lots of mud & insects.

12-How many Check Points/Aid Stations are there on day 1 and at what distance are they from each other?

There are 4:

Aid Station #1: El Sur, Aid Station #2: Lagunas, Aid Station #3: San Pedro de Turrubares & Aid Station #3: Escobal de Atenas. Each of them are placed at approximately 20 kilometers from each other.

13- How many kilometers are there in the first day?

100 kms

14-What can I eat and drink at the Aid Stations?

Aid station menu consists of mainly: fruit ( bananas & watermelon), sandwiches, potatoes, cookies and hydrating fluids. Some will provide power gel and salt pills.

15-Can I send, in a Ziploc bag, the special medicines and food that I need, to the Aid Stations?

No.Race logistics are far too complicated in order to provide this service .

16-What happens if I don’t make the cut off time of a Check Point?

La Ruta organization will have a” sweep vehicle” that will pick you up and take you to the finish line. You will be able to continue racing the following day, but your results will not be included in the official finishers list. Racers MUST board the sweep vehicle or face disqualification from the race all together.If you are traveling in a group please make sure that your whole group is accounted for. Otherwise please contact any member of the race organization inmediately.

17-If I have an accident along the way, will I get help?

La Ruta organization will have the Costa Rican Red Cross as our professional medical support team in charge of looking out for the safety and integrity of all competitors during the race. LRC 2016 registration fee includes a basic medical insurance. This coverage includes assistance at the area of the accident and if necessary transport to the closest public hospital available.

Transfer from public hospitals to private ones should be paid for by each racer as well as the treatment received here.

We strongly recommend you get and international medical insurance that covers the expenses in case of an accident.

18-What happens when I get to the finish line on day 1?

 a) You hand over your bike to one of La Ruta staff members or ambassadors who will guide you to the services provided.

b) You must proceed to the Racer Bag Pick Up Area. Get your bag & keep it overnight and drop it off at the race start, the next day.

c) You can take a shower.

d) Massage

e) Have lunch.

f) board the official shuttle bus to the hotel.

19-Where can I have dinner on day 1?

There are many restaurant options around the Holiday Inn in Plaza Tempo, Escazú as it is located inside and next to shopping centers .

20- What time should I be ready for breakfast on day 2- the 4rth of November at the hotel?

Breakfast will be served at 3:30 am.

21- What time does the transfer leave to the starting line on day 2?

It will leave at 4:15 am.

22-What time does the race start on day 2?

It starts at 5:30 am.

23-What happens when I get to the starting line on day 2 at UTN?

You should:

1) Drop off your racer bag at the designated area

2) Look for your bike, line up and get ready to go!

24-What should I expect for day 2 of LRC ? How many check points/aid stations will there be?

You must be prepared for tough climbs with a high chance of rain and cooler temperatures. There will be 4 Aid Station:

# 1) El Rodeo Aid Station

#2) Senderos Colon MTB Park , Aid Station

#3) Corralar Aid Station

# 4) Eolicas Santa Ana

25-How long does the “average” rider usually take to finish day 2?

8-10 hours.

26-How many kilometers does day 2 consist of?


27-What time should I be ready for breakfast at the hotel on day 3?

For racers participating in rafting breakfast will be served at 4:00am. All other racers can have breakfast at the hotel restaurant scheduled time.

28-At what time does the bus leave for the rafting on day 3?

It will leave at 5:00am from the hotel lobby

29-What shall I wear for rafting?

You have to wear what you need to continue with the bike section of the race including helmet, gloves and shoes.

30- What shall I do with my racer bag on day 3 (5th of November)?

Regardless of whether you go rafting or not you must drop off your racer bag at the designated area of the hotel for this activity & to one of the members of our crew.

31-If I don´t participate in the rafting at what time will the bus pick me up from the hotel to take me to the race start on day 3 (5th of November)?

The bus will leave at 9:00 am to the race start (Siquirres) from the hotel lobby.

32-At what time does the bike segment of the race start on day 3, the 5th of November?

After the rafting section the bike stage of the race will start at 1:00 pm from Siquirres.

33- What should I expect of day 3 of La Ruta ?

You must be ready to face intense heat and humidity.

If you choose to participate in the rafting section of the race, be prepared to face the class 3 or 4 rapids in the Pacuare river. You will also have to cross train-track bridges with your bike.

34-How long does the “average” racer take to finish day 3 and how many miles long is it ?

The average racer will take 4 to 5 hours and there will be 57 kms of roads.

35-How many Check or Assitance Points are there in Day 3?

There will be 3:

#1) Siquirres, #2) Bataan & #3) Pantano

36-When will the awards ceremony take place in Playa Moín on day 3?

Around 4:00 pm

37-How do I get from the race finish in Playa Moín to the Holiday Inn in Escazu where the luggage storage is?

There will be official transportation & you can purchase this service ($100) through our Adventure Concierge: Massi Devoto Chen at: Massi@explornatura.com

38-What happens when I get to the official city hotel: Holiday Inn in Escazu on day 3?

You can collect your bike at the designated area at the basement of the hotel until 1 am, or alternatively pick up your things from 5 am to 12 noon.

39-When should I pick up my bike after the race?

Bikes will be returned to their owners either in Playa Moín (for those who stay in the Caribbean coast: this service must be arranged prior to the race start) or will be given back to their owners in San José on the 5th (from 11pm-1:00 am ) and on the 6th of November from 5am-12 noon at the basement of the Holiday Inn in Escazu

40-How do I get to the airport from the official city hotel: Holiday Inn Escazu?

You can book this service through our Adventure Concierge: Massi Devoto Chen at:Massi@explornatura.com

41-What do the companions who purchased the Companion Package do during the race?

Companions will be transported in official La Ruta buses to the check points where vehicles can get to and will be following the race. They will be united with the racers at each race finish and start. Additional activities for companions can be arranged through our Adventure Concierge: Massi Devoto Chen at:Massi@explornatura.com

42-How can I get photographs of the race?

You can contact us at info@adventurerace.com