1- If the competition starts on Thursday, November 2nd, can I fly in on Wednesday November 1st?

You must arrive in Costa Rica on Tuesday October 31st at the latest. We recommend that you travel on either Sunday the 29th or Monday October 30th so that you can enjoy a day of relaxation and acclimatization at Jacó Beach, where the event starts, in order to get used to the heat and familiarize yourself with the terrain. Arrange your transfers at. explornatura@adventurerace.com.

2- If the competition finishes on Saturday, November 4th, can I fly out on the morning of Sunday, November 5th?

You can travel home on November 5th; however, given the toughness of the race, we recommend that you stay on, relax and enjoy the waters of the Caribbean, where it’s scientifically proven that your mind and body will unwind, so that you return to your home and your job with renewed energy. Arrange this at: explornatura@adventurerace.com.

3- Is lodging on the night before and day after the competition included in the price?
The International Competitor's Package only  includes lodging for the day before and during the race. It does not cover lodging after the race. The National Competitor Package does not include any form of lodging. We  would be very happy to tailor make further lodging arrangements or reservations.
Please contact our Adventure Concierge for assistance and reservations. servicios adicionales at explornatura@adventurerace.com."
4- What do I do when I arrive at Juan Santamaria International Airport, San José?
5- How does my bicycle get to the start of the competition on Thursday November 2nd?

The Adventure Concierge will help you organize transportation of your bicycle and will also be happy to arrange to have it assembled by our Mechanic Service. Your bicycle will be ready to compete on November 2nd, and you can collect it on Wednesday November 1st. This service is only available if you hand in your bicycle on Tuesday October 31st at the latest. You can leave your bicycle box, as well as any other additional equipment, at our BAGGAGE AREA (open November 1st, from 11 – 7 p.m.) at Croc’s Casino Resort Hotel, Playa Jacó. Our organization will transport your baggage to.Hotel Holiday Inn in Escazú at a cost of $100. You can arrange transportation services through our Adventure Concierge. http://www.adventurerace.com/servicios-adicionales-la-ruta-los-conquistadores/ a explornatura@adventurerace.com

However please remember that you will be responsible for your bicycle and equipment during the days prior to the competition. We will only transport CLEAN bicycles during the competition.

If you would like your bicycle to be washed and adjusted at each finish line, we recommend that you buy the 3 day Specialized Mechanic Package at a cost of only $150.00. Any specific spare parts which your bicycle may need are not included and will be charged separately. You can order this service at: explornatura@adventurerace.com.

6- How can I service my bicycle during the competition?

You can purchase the official 3 day Specialized Mechanic Package at a cost of $150. Not only will they take care of washing your bicycle, they will also keep it secure, transport it and make any adjustments or replace parts as needed. Special spare parts are not included.in the package and will have to be paid for at retail price. You can order this mechanic service at: explornatura@adventurerace.com

7- When should I arrive at Jacó Beach (the town where LRC starts)?

You must be in Jacó, specifically at the official hotel, Croc´s Casino Resort, on November 1st at the latest, in order to register between10 am and 6 pm. In addition, you should attend one of the Welcome and Technical Talks, where we will be giving last minute information about the event (times and languages to be confirmed).

8- What happens on November 1st (Day Zero) at the official hotel at Playa Jacó, Croc´s Casino Resort?

You should go to the multi-use rooms at Croc´s Casino Resort and:

  1. a) register for the competition, collect your number, official kitbag and identification.
  2. b) purchase any additional service or souvenir that you need at La Ruta’s Official Shop.
  3. c) attend one of the two Welcome talks (times and languages to be confirmed).
9- What should I take for the three days of competition?

You should only take what will fit in the official kitbag (Dimensions: 12” x 14” x 28” / Volume: 4988 cu. in.). In the case of participants on the Adventure Category, you can take a bag which does not exceed the above dimensions.

You will need a jacket, cape or waterproof, flashlight, sunblock, a camelback, goggles, insect repellant, oil and anything else you need to survive the toughest competition in the world.

The Ruta offers a transport service for extra luggage, bicycle boxes and other baggage from Croc´s Casino Resort in Jacó Beach to the official  hotel, Holiday Inn in Escazú .($100). You will NOT have access to this luggage until the end of the race. To order this service, please contact our Adventure Concierge at explornatura@adventurerace.com

10- Which meals are included in my registration fee?

Your registration fee includes three lunches. Our chef Guillermo Quirós has carefully designed the menu for each of these, using a variety of fresh ingredients.. We are currently preparing some changes to the delicious menus which we served last year. Participants in the Adventure category can purchase meals either at the finish line or through our Adventure Concierge.

Last year’s menus included:

Chef’s salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots etc.) with 1 dressing and 1 vinaigrette
Pasta salad with tuna and mayonnaise
White rice
Red beans
Grilled chicken with union
Meat prepared in a delicious sauce
Dessert: Rice Pudding
Fruit juice

Cesar salad
Mediterranean salad with pasta and sun dried tomatoes
Rice with sweetcorn
Buttered potatoes with rosemary
Creamed zucchini
Meatballs in tomato and basil sauce
Chicken in heart-of-palm sauce
Dessert: Brownie with sugar glaze
Cas juice

Cabbage and lemon salad
Mexican tomato salad
Caribbean style Rice and Beans
Cassava with garlic
Fish filet in batter with tartar sauce
Chicken in Caribbean-style sauce
Dessert: Passion fruit mousse
Ginger water and iced tea

11- How should I prepare my bicycle for each day?

You should have your bicycle ready for any type of surface. This means making any necessary changes the night before: tyres, chain, rims etc. To help you prepare your bicycle at the end of each day, we offer the official Specialized Mechanic Package, which also includes washing. You can order this service at: explornatura@adventurerace.com

12- What do you recommend that I take with me for each day of the competition?

We recommend:

Camelback (obligatory)
Energy bars, gels, powders, etc., the ones you used when training. (The assistance posts have mainly food and some gels
Insect repellant
Cape or waterproof for Day 2
Any medicines which you need
Oil for your chain
Goggles and cleaner
Competition gloves
Spiked shoes so you do not slip
Cell phone and rainproof bag
Cash in Colones.
Helmet (Obligatory)

13- What will the weather be like on Day 1?

It will be very hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius; it may rain and will definitely be very muddy.

14- How many Assistance Posts will there be on day 1 and how far apart will they be?

There will be 4 Assistance Posts: #1 El Sur, #2: Lagunas, #3:San Pedro de Turrubares, & #4:Escobal de Atenas. The distance between each post is approximately 20 km.

15- How Many kilometres will we cover on Day 1?


16- What can I eat and drink at the Assistance Posts?

The menu at the Assistance Posts consists of: fruit, sandwiches, chips, cookies, hydrating liquids, some gels and salt tablets.

17- Can I send medicines or food which I need to an Assistance Post in a zip lock bag?

Yes, if you have a medical condition which is being controlled by a doctor.
No. If you cannot produce a Doctor’s note to prove this.

18- What happens if I don’t reach one of the Assistance Posts before it closes?

La Ruta organization will have a sweep truck which will collect you and take you to the finish line. You will be able to continue
competing the next day in the ADVENTURE category but your results will not be published in the list of competitors who finished
LRC 2017. Competitors must board the sweep truck or be subject to disciplinary action. If you are competing as part of a group,
please ensure that the whole group remains in touch with each other. If one of your group goes missing, please inform a
member of the organization as soon as possible or report to the command centre.

19- If I have an accident, will I receive help?

The Ruta organization has the support of the emergency services of the Costa Rican Red Cross, who will responsible for the
health and safety of all our competitors. LRC will provide every competitor with a basic medical insurance policy which includes
on-the-spot attention and transport to the nearest public hospital. If the competitor wishes to be taken to a private hospital, he or
she will have to pay for this service.
It is obligatory and one of the rules of the competition that you obtain an international medical insurance policy which covers your
costs in the event of an accident.

20- What happens after I reach the finish on Day 1?

a) Hand your bicycle over to a member of La Ruta’s staff who will direct you to the different services available.
b) You should collect your kitbag in the designated area. You will be able to take this bag to your hotel and hand it in at the start
line the next day.
c) You will be able to take a shower.
d) You can have a massage (if you reserve the additional service)
e) You can have lunch
f) You should then board the official bus which will take you to your hotel. (if you reserve the additional service)

21- Where can I have dinner on the night of November 1st?

You can dine at your hotel or nearby, where you will find plenty of options.

22- What time should I be ready for breakfast at the hotel on November 2nd?

Breakfast will be served 3:00 a.m.

23- What time does the transportation to the start line depart in November 2nd?

It departs at 3:45 am.

24- What time does the competition start on Day 2?

At 5:00 am.

25- What happens when I arrive at the start line on Day 2?

1) You should hand in your kitbag in the designated area.
2) You should locate your bicycle and join the starting lineup.

26- What should I expect on day 2 of La Ruta? How many Assistance Posts will there be?

You should prepare yourself to climb some very high and difficult mountains. It may rain. There will be 4 Assistance Posts (see
PA #1: El Sanatorio - PA #2: Cruce el Volcán  - PA #3: La Lechería (See table).

27- How long does the average competitor take to finish Day 2?

Between 9 and10 hours. (See table).

28- How many kilometres in Day 2?

76 kms (approx) (See table)

29- What time should I be ready for breakfast in Day 3?

Breakfast will be served to competitors who are participating in the rafting at 5.30 a.m. All other competitors can have breakfast
during the hotel’s opening hours.

30- What time will the bus pick me up for the rafting on Day 3?

At 6:30 am.

31- What should I take with me for the rafting?

You must take everything you need to continue with cycling segment of the competition, including gloves, helmet and shoes.

32- What do I do with my kitbag on Day 3 (Nov 4)?

Whether you are participating in the rafting or not, you should hand over your kitbag to one of our staff in the designated area in
the hotel reception.

33- If I am not participating in the rafting, what time does the bus leave the hotel for the start of the competition in

The bus will leave from the lobby of your hotel at 10:30 a.m.

34- What time does the cycling section start on Day 3?

After the rafting, the cycling section leaves from Siquirres at 12:00 m.d.

35- What should I expect on Day 3 of LRC?

You should be ready to deal with intense heat and humidity. In addition you should prepare yourself to navigate the River
Pacuare, which has class 3 to 4 rapids. You will also be crossing railway bridges carrying your bicycle.

36- How long does the average competitor take to complete Day 3 and how many miles does it cover?

Between 4 and 5 hours to cover the 57 kms of tracks.

37- How many Assistance Posts are there on day 3 of La Ruta?

There will be 3 Posts:
#1) Siquirres, #2) Bataan & #3) Pantano *SEE RACEBOOK

38- What time will trophies be presented at Playa Bonita, Limón?

Around 4 pm.

39- What happens when I arrive at the oficial hotel: Holiday Inn Escazú on Day 3?

You can collect your bicycle from the designated area in the basement of the hotel between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. or the next day
between 5 a.m. and midnight.

40- When should I collect my bicycle after the competition?

Bicycles will be returned at Playa Bonita (in the case of competitors who have decided to spend time relaxing on the Caribbean
coast; this should be arranged before the start of the competition) or at the official hotel: Holiday Inn Escazú on the night of
November 4th (between 11pm and 1 am) and November 5th between 5 am and midnight, in the basement of the hotel.

41- How can I get to the airport from the Hotel Holiday Inn Escazú?

You can order this service by contacting our Adventure Concierge at explornatura@adventurerace.com

42- What happens to companions who have purchased the Companions Package during the competition?

Companions can follow the competitors in official La Ruta buses as far as the Assistance Posts which can be reached by
vehicles. They then will join the competitors at all the finish lines. For parallel activities you can contact our Adventure Concierge.
at explornatura@adventurerace.com

43- How can I obtain photos of the competition?
44- What is the maximum number of competitors?

600 competitors, 500 full distance, and 100 in the Adventure Category

45- What exactly is the Adventure Category and how much does it cost?

No Details.

46- What is the daily temperature variation?

Day 1 is the hottest and can vary between 20C and 40C, felt temperature.
Day 2 is the coldest and can vary between 20C and 10C felt temperature.
Day 3 is the most humid, with up to 98% humidity, above all at the start time of 1 p.m.. We definitely recommend sleeves against
the sun and that you wear sunscreen at all times; also good goggles and a dry napkin to keep them clean in a zip-lock bag.

47- Where can I see the course and an altimeter, as well as being able to download the route onto my watch?

For the full distance, you will find the information in this link:
For the ADVENTURE distance, you will find the information in this link:

48- ¿What are the categories and prizes?

51- Do I need FECOCI affiliation to participate in this event?


52- What are the start times for the Adventure category?

Departure is at 9 a.m. You can find complete information, including altimeter, accumulated ascent and accumulated descent at:

53- “Transport of participants’ baggage form each starting line to finish line”. What exactly do you mean by baggage?

The kitbag, which will be handed back to you at the finish line. This is like a left luggage service.

54- Is the medal for people who compete in this category the same as the one for those who do the full distance? What
happens if, for one reason or another (exhaustion or a mechanical problem), I cannot finish a stage; can I carry on the next day
and still receive the medal in the final stage?

Yes, it’s the same medal. The most important thing is to complete the challenge; if you don’t complete it you will still receive the
medal as a keepsake of your participation.

55- If I decide to pay for lodging and transport, will I stay in the same hotel as the rest of the competitors even though I
will be doing the Adventure, and will you still take my bike to the start, which for me will be at San Pedro de Turrubares, and for
the other stages?

If you have paid for lodging and transport, you will be taken to the start along with your bicycle.